The detailed program and access to the virtual conferences and  posters are available on our e-MSB website: 

Dear Colleagues,

Due to travel restrictions and sanitary rules the MSB 2020 symposium that was originally planned to take place in St. Malo on the 27-30th of September 2020 has been transferred to a 100% virtual format.

To have access to the e-MSB2020 virtual platform, click here.

This is the first time in the history of the MSB series that we will experience a virtual edition!

With this totally virtual edition of MSB 2020, we are able to present a complete, attractive, and dynamic program, with 80 oral presentations (including plenaries, award lectures and keynote presentations) as well as more than 90 posters. The MSB philosophy, which guaranty both scope and quality, will be met in this new-to-us format. Moreover, we will all have multiple opportunities for information and social exchange that we expect to be restorative. Even though virtual meetings cannot offer all the aspects of an in-person meeting, the program we have concocted will ensure a stimulating environment for this virtual reunion.

The following innovative solutions will be proposed:

  • Poster presentations in a video format, live discussion with the contributors,
  • Round table for discussion during the Start-up village session,
  • Three remote short-courses on Sunday 27th of September,  taught by our best scientific experts,
  • A day-after-day presentation of the workshop “how to build a CE” by our experts in engineering,
  • Web seminars from three of our sponsors, and
  • Many awards to reward the best poster and oral presentations, which will be given during an online Award Ceremony.

Organizing a virtual edition of an international conference poses some additional challenges related to the different time zones. Be reassured, we have organized the sessions based on a time rotation to fit as much as possible with the working hours worldwide.  

Last but definitely not least, we would like to warmly thank you, our loyal MSB community, for having immensely honored your commitment by attending the virtual edition of MSB 2020. If you have not registered yet but would like to participate to this unique edition, there is still room for new delegates. Do not hesitate to register until mid-September 2020 and enlarge our community.

We look forward to meeting you “maskless” at this very first MSB virtual edition, starting Sunday 27th of September 2020 at 10 am (Paris, CEST, GMT+2)

Myriam, Serge and Thierry
Prof. Serge Rudaz Prof. Myriam Taverna
Université de Genève, 
Université Paris-Saclay,